I applied for a SINOSURE insurance online for Customer A
2022-09-14   Amanda

I am often asked by customers if I can sell on credit. This is not a question that can be answered immediately. This is because normally, according to YEPBOX's policy, it is not within the authority of the salesperson to give credit to a customer unless a request is made to the head of the company. In turn, the head of the company will often ask the salesperson if your customer has SINOSURE insurance coverage. The conclusion here is that if SINOSURE is willing to cover my customer, then YEPBOX can consider giving credit to the customer within the limit and if other terms and conditions are agreed between the two parties.


A few days ago, I was approached for credit by my customer A. Customer A has placed 3 consecutive orders with YEPBOX and has worked well with each other and smoothly. He already has a good track record with YEPBOX first of all. In addition, Customer A is a manufacturer, albeit small in size, but is a quality end-user with relatively consistent with consistent orders and has a good performance records. So, I helped Customer A to apply for a credit line of US$50,000 in the company's ERP system. After approval by the department manager and the company's risk manager, I then submitted a formal application to the SINOSURE website.


For an insurance online application, the following main elements are required.


1、Customer name address telephone number fax


2、Payment method and credit account period


3, Transaction background of both parties (contract status, annual transaction amount, transaction history and plans, etc.)


4. Other valuable information about the buyer.


5. Amount of insurance coverage


I filled in all the details and soon afterwards SINOSURE replied and granted the insurance coverage of USD 100,000 to customer A.


I told Customer A the good news and told him that his other Chinese suppliers could also use the credit, and it warmed my heart when he replied: "I will only use the US$100,000 credit for business with your company.