Different requirements for dangerous goods transportation by shipping companies
2022-10-31   Maina

Some time ago, I took a few orders of paint for containers. YEPBOX does not have the export qualification of dangerous goods, so we let the factory export directly to YEPBOX's sister company in HongKong. The business was successfully completed because of the smooth communication between the two companies, despite the fact that the business was transferred through the company in HongKong.


During the operation of this paint export business, I have learned that the requirements of dangerous goods in the process of transportation are very strict and need to be declared in details. It includes the results of the identification of application and technical specification of the dangerous goods. Moreover, the booking of dangerous goods is different from the booking of general goods and the relevant information needs to be sent to the corresponding shipping company in advance and the requirements for different shipping companies are not the same.



KMTC shipping company announced with effect August 14, 2017, for all export of dangerous cargo, customers are required to upload the dangerous cargo declaration form before sailing



Dangerous goods booking should be confirmed with shipping company, and provide Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods and Dangerous Goods Application Form. Packing certificate and packing list should be provided after loading.



First of all, CMA does not accept the name of ACTIVE CARBON (activated carbon); there are two important requirements in MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), one is to provide the company name, address, contact of person’s name and phone no; secondly is about the definition of UN code and dangerous goods level in the 14th transport information in MSDS. CMA only accepts the IMDG standard, not US DOT or CANADA TDG.



Dangerous goods booking should be confirmed with the sales or customer service of the shipping company, if not, the shipping company will not accept the booking. Dangerous goods should be provided with flash point information, 24-hour emergency contact number and etc.



EVG do not accept dangerous goods bookings



You need to provide Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods and MSDS, and then send it to HMM directly to a designated email for confirmation.



Once the application is made by MSDS, these dangerous goods can be booked as general cargo in the future. Emergency contact number and dangerous goods package type must be provided.



Dangerous goods booking generally requires MDGF (multimodal dangerous goods form), Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods, inspection report to be provided upon request and MSDS also to be provided upon request.



After you have the customs declaration number and the name of the ship, you are required to send the MDGF and Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods to the relevant customer service of MSK within 2 hours, otherwise it may be rejected by MSK (MDGF requires a WORD file).



It is necessary to provide a detailed list of dangerous goods, an identification result sheet for the transportation and packaging of outbound dangerous goods, MSDS (PDF format), and a customs declaration form for export goods.



Dangerous goods booking needs to be confirmed with the shipping company's sales or customer service, and PIL booking is made with the shipping company's booking confirmation.



Dangerous goods booking needs to provide Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods, Dangerous Goods Declaration, MDGF (if chemical products are included in addition to dangerous goods, please also provide MSDS of chemical products).



Dangerous goods are booked through ZIM logistics, and the bill of lading number and ship name are provided by ZIM logistics. When booking, the customer needs to provide the application form box for dangerous goods, Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods, MSDS (both in ZIM fixed format) for additional bookings when the customer needs to provide the foreign 24-hour emergency contact and telephone number, net weight, flash point, etc. in the product name.


Note: The above operations are for booking reference only. If there is any change in the operation of the shipping company, please refer to the actual operation requirements of the shipping company.


Dangerous goods export booking generally requires a letter of authorization for shipping, the identification result sheet for the use of dangerous goods packaging, a technical specification for packaging dangerous goods, a declaration form, and a packing certificate. The power of attorney should indicate the product name in Chinese and English, the class of dangerous goods (CLASS NO.), the United Nations dangerous goods code (UN NO.), the packaging of the goods, and special requirements to facilitate the application for space and the declaration of dangerous goods. If it involves transshipment, you need to confirm with the shipping company whether the transit port has restrictions.