How to complete the tax refund when the goods of different shippers are put together in one container?
2022-11-02   Christine

There are often requests from customers to put goods from different suppliers in one container. In fact, as a trading company, although it feels cumbersome, but also willing to do their best to do a good job, because this itself is also for the customer in creating value.


For many of China's exported goods, there are tax refunds. If we don't count the income from the tax rebate, our profit is negative, and now we have entered the era of micro-profit. So when there are different shippers in a container, it becomes critical to complete the tax refund.


I recently completed a business mentioned above, some of the insights summarized below; I hope it will be useful to you:


(1) Need to send two Powers of Attorney to the designated freight forwarder, different shippers with same consignee.


(2) The designated freight forwarder will give you two bill of lading numbers. Two custom declaration documents and two different bill of lading numbers respectively, for customs clearance.

The packing list sets out the number of pieces, gross weight and volume data under the two bill of lading numbers


(3) The freight forwarder will give you two freight forwarder bills of lading, corresponding to the two consignors and consignees.


4) You can get two freight forwarder bills of lading to two consignors, two consignors each sent to the consignee for the tax refund.


(5) The freight forwarder can give you a freight forwarder's bill of lading for export in the name of your company, you take other relevant documents and this freight forwarder's bill of lading and tax can be refunded. No matter how many companies, as long as you state clearly with the freight forwarder in advance, let them have enough time to prepare the bill of lading.


I hope the above tax refund summary is useful for all customers and customers can understand their Chinese suppliers’ complicated way of dealing procedures.