Are you a factory or a trader?
2022-08-23   Sunny

A senior foreign trade practitioner once told me that when your customers ask you whether you are a factory or a trader, you must not say you are a trader, you'd better say you are a factory, or at least say that you have shares in this factory and are a shareholder, otherwise, people will ignore you once they see that you are a trader. This is true, if you say you are a trader, immediately many customers will no longer reply to you.


There are two basic issues here, the first is honesty, honesty is the most valuable quality of a businessman, I am lying in this fundamental issue of "who am I", is it not a shame to my conscience? Secondly, now is the information age, in fact, through various means of investigation, it is easy to identify whether YEPBOX is a factory or a trading company. I pretend to be a factory every day, but when a customer wants 10 different products, do I have to pretend to be 10 different factories?


For YEPBOX, 'integrity' is a core value and if I were to lie to a customer and say we were a factory, my boss would probably fire me immediately. The world market is big enough that we at YEPBOX only serve customers who are willing to deal with us. We understand in particular that some customers do not do business with traders, but there are always customers who are willing to work with honest and competent trading companies.


By working with a good trading company you can probably have some of the following advantages:


1. Trading companies may be able to offer you valuable financing


Trading companies will be willing to give you financing as long as you are a reliable customer. Many factories in China, with tight cash flow, require you to bring in money to pick up goods, and companies like YEPBOX will give you credit based on insurance online.


2. An international trading company will allow you to communicate more easily


An international trading company has a better understanding of international trade processes than many Chinese factories and has an advantage in terms of language, as some YEPBOX employees speak Spanish and Russian in addition to English.


3. A trading company's offer is not necessarily higher than a factory's


Trading companies are often able to keep purchasing costs down and help you get a good price because they have a large volume of purchases. In addition, a professional trading company is often better at controlling shipping and logistics costs than many factories. Therefore, sometimes the quotation from a trading company is more competitive.


4. Trading companies can offer a multi-species integration service


Factories are often more specialized and superior in the products they manufactured. But factories can generally only supply the products they manufactured. When you need a wide range of products, the advantage of a trader’s role comes into play. He can faithfully provide you with a service, that is, even if you want 100 types of products, he can faithfully do it for you.


Of course, there are efficient and inefficient traders, and there is no shortage of scammers. Some trading companies are not fraudulent at first, but the scale is too small, that is, 1 person's company, in the home office, and then he also told you that he is a factory, once problem happened, he disappeared, and finally such a trading company, in fact, and fraudulent. So, at the beginning, you must do a good job of investigating and screening who you are dealing with, and, at the beginning, don't give too big an order to the trading company, start with small and take your time to develop.