The first half marathon of my life
2023-04-17   CHESTER HUANG

My name is Chester Huang, and I am an international sales representative for YEPBOX Company. This year, I participated in the 2023 Beijing International Half Marathon.

The weather was fantastic that day, with clear skies and pleasant spring weather. When the starting gun fired, I felt incredibly excited, as this was my first time participating in a marathon. The course showcased both the city's cultural landmarks and excellent running conditions, providing me with a unique racing experience.

However, my emotions became complicated during the race, and I struggled to keep going. Just then, as I passed by my company's office building, I reminded myself that I could not let my company down, which ignited my determination to continue.

Participating in the marathon gave me many insights that reminded me of my work. I sell lithium batteries for export and need to send out thousands of emails every day, but only a few lead to fruitful business deals. This made me realize that success requires patience and perseverance. Sometimes, success is like running a marathon, where you need to take one step at a time and push forward, even when victory seems distant.

Participating in the 2023 Beijing International Half Marathon was a unique and challenging experience that taught me the importance of persistence in both work and life. Even when things seem tough, we must keep pushing forward and never give up to achieve success.