I'm probably infected with Omicron
2022-12-22   PETER WANG

In this office, 5 of the 7 people have tested positive, leaving only me and one other colleague. My throat started to itch, and then I coughed a little. It was just me and him in the office, and I had a cough all day and my nose was a bit clogged.

The next morning, I felt groggy, touched my forehead, and felt a little hot. Pick up the thermometer, measure the temperature. It was 37.1 degrees C. Thought that there is still a lot of work to be done, I went to the office. Along the way, the subway was empty. The entire city of Beijing fell silent.

There were not many people in the entire office building. My office door is locked. Am I the only one going to work today? I called my colleague, and sure enough, he had a fever and couldn’t come today. He also said that it was my cough yesterday that infected him with the new crown virus. No one can escape.


In the afternoon, the fever was gone, but the cough intensified, I felt tired, and I couldn't concentrate. I didn't finish the job that was originally quoted for more than ten minutes, but this time I didn't finish it in an hour. It seemed that I was sick.

Do I have a common cold, or a COVID? I don't want to know about it, because I can't find antigen test kits in the whole city of Beijing. In the whole city of Beijing, I also can't find fever medicine. Fortunately, my fever is not serious.

As for nucleic acid testing, I don't want to do it, because the process of nucleic acid testing is crowded with people, and it is also infectious.

I was sick, and I have a high probability of getting COVID. Fortunately, it was Omicron, and the symptoms were mild and not serious.