Packaging requirements for the export of lithium batteries and lithium equipment
2022-06-16   Helen

According to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, which is classified according to the different product categories and applies to the relevant goods under UN3090, 3091, 3480 and 3481, the following provisions apply.


1. Cells or batteries packed in packaging shall be protected against damage caused by movement or changes in position within the packaging. Packaging shall meet the performance specifications for Packing Group II. For cells or batteries with a gross weight greater than or equal to 12 kg in a strong, impact resistant case, and for collections of such cells or batteries, a strong over-pack, protective cover, pallet or other handling equipment is also required. Likewise, such cells or batteries must be secured against accidental movement and the electrodes must not bear the weight of other stacked objects.


2. A battery or battery pack packed with equipment shall not be moved in the outer packaging, except that its packaging shall meet the performance specifications for packing group II and the equipment shall be secured. The cell or battery shall also be completely wrapped.


3. Cells or batteries packed in equipment shall, in addition to meeting the previous requirements, have measures to prevent accidental start-up during transport. They should also be protected against short-circuiting.


4. When a package contains a combination of lithium batteries in the equipment and lithium batteries packaged with the equipment, the package shall be marked "lithium metal batteries UN3091 or lithium ion UN3481 in combination with the equipment". If a package contains both lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, the package shall be marked in accordance with the requirements for both battery types.


YEPBOX, as an exporter of lithium batteries for many years, we have also noticed that the following matters need to be focused on when exporting lithium batteries in China.

One is that whether it is a lithium-ion battery pack, or a lithium-ion battery pack contained in or packaged with equipment, the watt-hour ratio must ben. marked on the outside of the container. 


Secondly, the package must bear a mark or logo specific to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries or packages of lithium batteries that comply with Section 188 use the "rectangular mark". Other lithium batteries or packages of lithium batteries use the "diamond-shaped mark" for Class 9 dangerous goods. However, it is not excluded that some countries and regions require both marks to be displayed, as long as the company provides an explanation of the situatio